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Acquire Property

ACQUIRE     Our property business is founded with experience in Land Surveying, Property Acquisition and Real Estate Development. We assist developers and government authorities with acquiring sites and as agents list and sell development land, rural properties, residential land and new homes.


PROPERTY     As planning generally bounds co-dependence on the ownership and intended residential development of each property it is good for adjoining land owners and developers to cooperate in how and when a property is sold or acquired. The Acquire Property business specialises in this coordination of acquisitions and divestment for land and housing development.


ACQUIRE PROPERTY offers complete development services in:-

  • Land Acquisition for Development Sites
  • Land Acquisition by Government Authorities
  • Land Surveying by Registered Surveyors
  • Equitable Boundary Adjustments for Neighbours
  • Development Feasibility Analysis and Budgets
  • Planning & Development Applications
  • Development and Project Management
  • Engineering Design for Land Development
  • Construction Certificate Applications
  • Land Estate Maintenance and Presentation
  • Estate Security 


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